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We are a couple in our 60s, living in Sydney, Australia. Nick retired in 2002, after many years working in university administration, and Lynn retired in 2008 from a senior position in Special Education in one of the Catholic dioceses in Sydney. We are now at a stage of our lives when we are able to travel.

We take our cameras as we travel around Australia, and sometimes find something worth sharing. Some photos here.

Our adventure for 2019 was a three-week road trip, eating our way around country Victoria.

In March 2018. we had a five night break in Singapore, and at the end of the year we took a 14-night cruise to New Zealand.

In March-April 2015, we spent 25 days in the South Island of New Zealand, with some photos, and then in November-December 2017, we spent three weeks mainly on the North Island, with some more photos.

In April-July 2014, we took what was probably our last really long holiday, with a two-week European river cruise followed by eight weeks mainly in France. There are many photos here or, for more text and fewer photos, see Lynn's blog.

In August-October 2012, we visited four continents: Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. You can follow our travels here.

In September 2011, we set out on a 5-day tour of outback South Australia, and then flew to Uluru. There are many pictures here.

From mid-April to early July 2011, we travelled around Europe, mainly in Greece and France. Pictures of the adventure are here.

In October 2010, our first grandchild was born in Portland, Oregon. Obviously, we had to be there soon after, and we took the opportunity for a short holiday. We took some pictures.

From July to October 2009, we travelled around a number of European countries. Click here for pictures of our adventure. Or read Lynn's blog.

In May to July 2008, after Lynn's retirement, we travelled around the world: Hong Kong, two months in France, then home via the USA. Click here for many pictures of the journey.

In July 2007, we spent a fortnight on the west coast of the USA, attending the wedding of one of our sons. Click here for some pictures.

In May to July 2006, we visited Italy with a stopover in Hong Kong on the way back. We started at Palermo, then a ferry to Naples and Sorrento, and then travelled by car up the centre of Italy to Venice, then Cinque Terra and Tuscany, before a few days in Rome. Click here for pictures and stories of the journey.

In May to July 2004, we visited France and Italy, driving from Paris to Venice by way of the Italian Lakes, then back via Tuscany and Provence. Click here for pictures and stories of the journey.

Our first big journey through Europe was in 2002. We spent a month in Britain, then ten days in Paris and Normandy, three weeks in Italy, a month in Greece, and finally a week in London. Click here for pictures and stories of the journey.

Earlier, Nick attended a conference in UK in 1997, and was joined by Lynn and son Cameron for a holiday mainly in UK. Pictures and story are here.

There is now a list of all the places that we have visited, with links to the photos. Click here.

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