Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Venezia, 25-31 July

Venice is still as lovely as ever, but it was horribly crowded in the areas that attract tourists. Some of the days we were in Venice, there were fifteen thousand visitors off cruise ships as well as the usual day trippers. The result was that it was almost impossible to move near St Mark's Basilica or Rialto, and the vaporetti were impossibly crowded. Fortunately, the crush could be avoided by going just a hundred metres or so away from the main attractions.

  The crowds in Piazza San Marco, as seen from the tower of San Giorgio Maggiore.†
  Another view from San Giorgio Maggiore, showing the hideous advertising around and over the Bridge of Sighs. *
  The line of gondole in a canal near San Marco: for all the world like the procession of little boats in a funfair ride.†
  But working boats have right of way over tourist craft.†
  A few hundred metres away, there is nothing moving on this canal.†
  Not all of the streets are wet. *
  Even where there are a few tourists about, the washing still has to be done. †
  Another quiet area we visited was the former Jewish ghetto. This is one of the synagogues that we were shown around. *
  The Venice markets, near the Rialto Bridge, are a riot of fresh produce.*
  Street fountain. *
  Part of a war memorial in Venice, with the Lion of St Mark biting through the chains that bind him. *
  Well-tended shrine. *
  A rather scruffy palazzo. *
  Tower of the church of Santa Maria Formosa. †
  The houses on the island of Burano are as bright as ever. *
  Palazzo on the island of Murano. †
  This is a tiny square about 50 metres in a straight line from the Rialto Bridge, and maybe 300 metres as one can walk. Under the left of the three big arches is a bar serving free snacks with bought drinks during the evening. *
  Gondola on the Canale Grande, viewed from this tiny square. †
  Salute church seen from a vaporetto by day. †
  And as seen from San Marco by night. *
  View from San Marco to San Giorgio Maggiore at night, with gondola moorings. *

Now we go on to Mantua.


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