Europe 2011

Loches: 28 May to 3 June

  It is some way from Mosnac to Loches, so we made only one sightseeing stop along the way, at Aulnay where there is the 12th-century Romanesque church of St Peter. A tympanium had this carving of St Peter being crucified upside-down, with soldiers working energetically. *
  The interior is full of big, heavy columns. *
  The churchyard had this old cross. †
  On the outskirts of Poitiers, in the middle of a roundabout, was this giant yellow hand with life-size cars on it. We have no idea why. *
  We spent a week in Loches and visited many nearby places, as shown on this map. We have too many photos for one page, so the rest of this page shows things we saw in Loches, while other pages show visits to châteaux and gardens. †
  Loches seen from the walls of its citadel. *
  The gate under the Hôtel de Ville, leading out of the old town. *
  Our first afternoon in Loches, we took the advice of our landlord, Jean-Claude, and went to the rose festival in the nearby village of Chédigny. *
  There were roses, roses, lovely roses, everywhere. *
  The centre of Loches is a walled citadel, with a comfortable château at one end, a formidable donjon at the other, and an interesting church in the middle. This is the château. *
  Statues of dogs guard the château entrances, each one different. *
  An annunciation painting inside the château. *
  A little bagpipe player carving in an archway. †
  The donjon seen from outside ... *
  and from the courtyard inside. †
  Graffiti inside the donjon. *
  The gates of a rather magnificent house inside the citadel. *
  The towers of Loches church. *
  Grave inside the church. †
  Memorial to Agnes Sorel in the church. *
  The River Indres flowing through Loches. Our apartment was on the right side, almost as far as can be seen. †
  The nearby gate into the town, with a nice wine bar on the left in front of it. *
  A view of our apartment from across the river. Our verandah area has the orange umbrella. The next house to the left was a B&B with the same owners. *
  The town of Beaulieu-les-Loches is just across the river, and has some interesting old houses. †

Let's go on the look at some of the châteaux of the Loire.



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