Europe 2011

Ploumanac'h: 7-8 June


On the short trip from Le Conquet to Ploumanac'h, we detoured to see some of the Parish Closes of Brittany. This is the calvary at Lampaul-Giumiliau. †


A waterspout gargoyle on the church. †


The rood screen at at Lampaul-Giumiliau. †


The altar retable. *


Wall carving of the Deposition of Christ at Lampaul-Giumiliau. †


A moving tableau of the Burial of Christ. †



The elaborately carved base of the calvary at Guimiliau. Preachers would get up onto it to point out the relevant episode from Christ's life. †


Christ carrying his cross and looking remarkably unworried. †




The Flight into Egypt, with appropriate headwear. †


The parish close at St Thégonnec, with the calvary just visible through the gate. *


On the calvary, Christ being tormented. *


St Joseph shown as a young man for once, as he would have been when Christ was a child. *


The impressive organ at St Thégonnec. *


Carved detail of a snail on the St Thégonnec baptistry column. *


Another burial of Christ, in the crypt at St Thégonnec. *


From Christianity in the 16-17th centuries, we moved to the prehistoric Grand Cairn of Barnenez, built in two stages between 4500 and 3900 BC. *


Nick gives an idea of the scale of the cairn. *


It blends in with the landscape in this lonely part of Brittany. †


At Ploumanac'h, we again stayed in a waterfront hotel, facing a harbour with a large tidal range. It is the same boat, in the same position, in these three photos. *





There is lovely coastal scenery. †




There is a reason why the area is known as the Pink Granite Coast. *




House, lighthouse, and lifeboat ramp. *


Pink granite château on its pink granite island. *


We drove to visit Beauport Abbey. †




A huge fireplace at Beauport Abbey. *


The harbour at Paimpol. *


Oyster boat, Paimpol. †

Then we went eastwards into Normandy, to Honfleur.


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