France and USA, 2008

Talloires, 26-28 June

A ski area in the Serre Chevalier, just north of Briançon.*

A view of Lac d'Annecy from above Talloires, which is on the lake edge. Duingt is on the far side of the lake.*

A closer view of Château Duingt, from a ferry on the lake.*

From the lake, looking up at La Tournette.*

The castle at Menthon-St-Bernard, overlooking the lake.*

We took a ferry to visit Annecy at the head of the lake. Here are some cruise boats moored beneath Annecy castle.†

The most photographed building in Annecy, a former prison in the middle of the canal leading from the lake, now a rather boring museum.*

It is always busy along the canal.†

Two views from Annecy, showing the lake and mountains.†

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  *Copyright © 2008 Lynn Booth.  †Copyright © 2008 Nick Booth.