Italy 2006

Scanno, Abruzzo: 12-13 June

  Scanno town is gritty and not very picturesque; and not much contaminated by tourists.
  Like most hill towns, it is steep in places.
  Night in the main square.
  The Scanno town fountain, with basins below for washing clothes.
  About 3 km from the town is Lago di Scanno, with these paddle boats waiting for better weather and the Italian school holidays.
  Nearby is the church of Santa Maria del Lago, picturesquely built on an arch over the lakeside road.
  This duck was peacefully minding its own business, when someone stuck a camera next to it.

Our first night in Scanno, the town celebrated the feast of St Anthony by taking his statue from the church and carrying it around the town in a procession that included youngsters celebrating their First Communion and a band imported from Campania.
  St Anthony being carried around the town.
  Ready for her First Communion.
  An easily-distracted choir boy.
  St Anthony safe back in the church.
  Later in the evening, the band gave a concert at this rather splendid bandstand.
  Not many people turned up, but the band had lots of fun.

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