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European road signs are mostly pictorial, and pretty much self-explanatory. Here are some of the more common ones.


Speed limit (km/h)


Minimum speed (km/h)


Give way (Yield)


Stop and give way


The main road you are using has priority over side roads until you see a similar sign with a diagonal stripe.


Intersection ahead at which you have priority over side roads.


Intersection ahead at which normal priority rules apply (Give way to the right)


You must go straight ahead


You must turn left or right


Snow chains required


Railway crossing ahead


Tram (streetcar) crossing ahead


Give way to oncoming traffic over a narrow section of road


Oncoming traffic should give way over a narrow section of road


No entry: one-way street


No vehicles past this point: area reserved for pedestrians or residents. This sign is often accompanied by a plate in the local language listing exceptions. Do not drive past one of these signs.


No cars or trucks past this point.


No overtaking. This may also be indicated by a single continuous white line in the centre of the road.


Keep at least the specified distance behind the vehicle in front of you.


No parking


No stopping


Uneven road ahead


Sharp bend ahead


Hazard ahead. There may be a plate under the sign giving more information.


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