Europe 2011

Loches: Gardens


Loches had many roses in bloom. These are in a street in the citadel. †



And these were in the gardens of the Donjon. †








The château of Villandry is famous for its formal gardens. †


Garden of love. *


The formal water garden. †




An informal poppy. *


Lavender but not yet in bloom. *


The herb garden. *


The vegetable garden. *




And, of course, more roses. †




The gaardens at Château de la Chatonnière are less formal than those at Villandry, but very enjoyable. *




The leaf garden, named for the shape of its flower beds. *




The garden had an "osier walk". Osiers are lengths of willow that are stuck into the ground and then interwoven to form the framework for a walk. The willows take root, and grow to form a shady walk. Here are roses growing up the outside. *


Here is a view from the inside. *













A field sprinkled with poppies, outside the formal garden area. *


Lynn's favourite rose: not easy to photograph because the head is so heavy that it hangs down. *

From Loches, we moved on to the Brittany coast at Quiberon.



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